Now You Can Send Hilarious Pranks To Anyone Anonymously!

Friday, October 18, 2019

We all know people that need to be pranked… and pranked hard. Luckily, now there is a fast, easy, and affordable way to send anonymous pranks in the mail by using Pranks Anonymous. You just give them your address and they take care of the rest!

Want to cover someone with glitter? Well, they have the largest selection of Glitter Bomb Pranks in the US. When this prank arrives it looks like a standard shipping tube. It even comes with a label that directs your friend to open the correct end (don’t worry the other end is completely sealed). The label also states that the contents inside the shipping tube is fragile. This tends to lead to more surprise once it is opened and they are bombarded with tons of glitter. They even have the world’s biggest Glitter Bomb: the MEGA GLITTER BOMB, at over 4X the size of any other Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb. Not to mention their large selection of hysterical “Adult Themed” Glitter Bombs!

Want to anonymously send someone a Bag of Dicks? They can do that for you as well! These Soft, Sweet, Delectable, and most importantly Phallic gummies make a delicious treat for anyone who wants to eat a bag of dicks! How could they not laugh at these delicious gummy snacks?

Want to frustrate someone endlessly? Mail someone a Frustration Box (A box your friend, lover, or family member will spend countless hours trying to open). This is the perfect prank to send someone you want to completely annoy. When it arrives it looks like a standard shipping box. It has a little bit of weight and something is rattling on the inside if you shake it, but what they do not know is that it is completely frustrating to open.

Do you know someone that hates spiders? Well it might be time to send them a Spider Box Prank. Anonymously send this regular looking gift box to someone you know and wait for them to freak out when a spider leaps out! When this prank arrives, it looks like a wooden gift box. Unknowingly to the individual that opens it, as they slide open the box, a spider LEAPS OUT at them. This is a very SIMPLE & EXTREMELY effective way to prank someone you know. Best of all you can use it over and over and over! It is the prank that keeps on pranking.

Want a prank to use on someone yourself? Snag one of their Endless Annoying Sound Pranks. Hide this in your friend’s room, father’s closet, or just under some living room furniture and watch and watch the magic happen. For the next 6 months they will randomly hear your annoying prank make high pitched beeps (every 5 – 35 minutes) that they will never quite be able to locate!

At Pranks Anonymous you can make your prank personal, with upgrades and customization options for every prank. Whether it is adding triple the glitter to your glitter bomb or adding a personal message to your frustration box, Pranks Anonymous makes sure your prank is executed perfectly.

View their entire list of products HERE.

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