3 Instances Where You Can Reclaim Money After Being Unfairly Charged

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Recently, the idea of cashback has become very popular amongst the frugal community. It’s this system where you go out, pay for things, but claim some money back from your payment. Plenty of cashback companies exist, and you’ll be surprised at how many retailers offer this benefit. You can get money back when you go out to eat, when you shop online, even when you book a holiday!

Now, you may think that this post is going to be about cashback service - but you’re wrong. Instead, I’ve taken the idea of getting money back and expanded it to other areas. Did you know that there are a few instances where you can claim back money that’s been unfairly charged to you? Sometimes these instances are rare occurrences, but other times they happen frequently. Either way, you should be aware of them as they may have happened to you and mean you can possibly get some money back into your account. 

Overcharged Taxes

Every working individual that earns above a certain amount per year will have to pay taxes. If you work for a company, then your taxes are worked out for you. However, they can often go wrong. It’s well worth checking if you’re entitled to a tax rebate every year. This is most commonly an issue in people with multiple jobs as the tax system struggles to figure out how much you need to pay. More often than not, you get overcharged. If this has happened to you, then figure out how to get your money back through a rebate. 

Traffic Ticket Fines

Yes, many traffic ticket fines are handed out incorrectly. This is usually when traffic cops get a little over-excited and decide to penalize you for minor incidents. Parking tickets are very common examples of this, as are instances of minor speeding. A lot of the time, you can fight traffic tickets to either reduce the fine or get back money that you’ve wrongly paid in the past. This has the dual benefit of protecting your driving record as well. So, if you’ve had a traffic ticket recently, then it may be worth looking into this as you could’ve been unfairly fined. 

Reduced Products

Have you ever bought something and found that it was reduced a day or two later? Sometimes, you can lose out on hundreds of dollars because of this. It feels very frustrating, and you kick yourself for it. But, did you know that you can often get money back when this happens? It’s true, and there are three ways to do this. The obvious one is to contact the seller and explain how annoyed you are at the situation. I know that Amazon will often give you a refund that’s equal to the price difference. It’s well worth trying as you can get some money back when you’ve been pretty unfairly done in by a sale!

Being frugal is all about finding clever ways of saving money.
These three instances represent key opportunities for you to save some cash by
getting back money that you deserve.

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