Back Home- And Expenses From On The Road- March

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Have been back home for a while in self isolation- sure hasn't been a "fun" thing to go through although we did have things to get caught up with. Weren't planning on coming home as fast . We had to worry about snow being on the roads, and some days were longer travel days due to this concern. We drove from Arizona to northern Saskatchewan. By the time we were in Saskatchewan we were already seeing alot of snow and it was cold. We were very lucky no snow was on the roads as we don't have snow tires, although we did get stuck once when we stopped roadside and had to get back up a small incline. Made it home safe though.

March Expenses- (March 1- March 26 when we had our last road expense)
All in USD except where says elsewhere

Groceries- Didn't include this one

Take out- $57

Propane- (made sure to fill both tanks on way home)- $75.93 for month

Laundry- $26.25

Gas RV - $599 USD Plus $257 CDN

Camping- $439.52 

Parking- (includes parking in Vegas and Mexico when I went for dental) -$24

SUV Gas- $38.90

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