Don't Let COVID-19 Infect Workplace Morale!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

There hasn't been a crisis like Coronvirus since World War Two, and then you could leave the house without fear of punishment! For businesses, trying to strike the perfect balance between keeping everyone safe and making money is tricky. You should never endanger a life, yet most people don't know what's acceptable and what isn't. 

The unpredictable nature of the pandemic means employees are bound to feel the stress. Of course, your workers are essential to the business' survival, so you need them to be productive. As always, the key is to make the workplace, wherever that is, an incredible place to be.

Underneath are some ideas that will help if you're struggling for inspiration.

Start Each Day With An Update

Workers are worried because they don't know when they'll receive an email saying they are being furloughed or made redundant. With that in mind, it's essential to be transparent. They deserve as much when their careers and livelihoods are at stake. A useful way to address the elephant in the room is to start every day with a daily briefing. Tell them as clearly and concisely as possible about any updates and what that means for now. 

Avoid discussing probabilities - you can't guarantee them anything at this point.

Give Them More Autonomy

A silver lining for employees is that they can work from home in a more casual environment. Therefore, you should play up to this by offering them more autonomy. Yes, home-based employment has pitfalls for bosses because it's hard to gauge how much work they are doing daily. Still, you need to trust that, at the very least, the boredom will make them productive without nagging.

Plus, you can analyze people's work ethic after a week or so and tweak the strategy accordingly if certain workers are indulging in their new surroundings.

Promote Solidarity

There are plenty of feel-good stories around the world that instantly enhance your mood. Whether it's clapping the NHS in Britain or singing in Italy's high rises, you can't help but revel at society's togetherness. Even better, you can harness this spirit with COVID 19 ribbons. Wearing a token is a simple gesture, but it's powerful as it allows the whole team to be involved. You can ask for donations; however, money can be tight and certain people may need all the cash they can get.

Buying ribbons is a charitable gesture, which means you can class it as a taxable expense.

Ask For Feedback

Nobody has experience with the current situation. As such, there will be errors, and they're inevitable. Of course, it's hard to spot them when you don't know what you're looking for. And, continuing to make the same mistakes will only impact morale. Therefore, don't be scared to ask the people who it affects the most for feedback. Not only does it help the business improve, but it shows workers that their opinions are of value.

You don't have to let COVID-19 infect the workplace. Instead, turn a negative into a positive!

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