Love Gold In All Its Forms For A Taste Of Luxury

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Gold has been one of the most precious and expensive metals in the world since its discovery in Ancient Times. You’ve probably heard of Rhodium, Palladium, or Californium, which are more expensive than gold, but somehow they can’t beat the sense of luxury and joy you get from receiving a gold present. We all have days that call for a precious celebration, whether it’s a special birthday, an anniversary, or simply because you want to feel like a million bucks. On those unique occasions, investing in a gold present is, by far, the best way of indulging in a little self-appreciation. After all, there’s nothing wrong with self-love! How can you source gold in exciting and fun forms? Here are some tips to get you started for a unique luxury feeling. 

The gold rush has not ended
It’s hard to think of the history of the US without mentioning the terms Gold Rush and Wild West. Of course, nowadays, gold rushes are a thing of the past. However, we all have dreams of finding a precious nugget during a walk by the river. If you can’t afford to look for precious metal during your spare time – and let’s be honest, who can? – you can order your very own nugget from With authentic gold nuggets coming from all around the world, you’re sure to find a golden piece to carry as a good luck talisman. Besides, protected by a glass cover, it’s a great addition to a minimalist decor.  

Gold collectibles are a must
Gold jewelry might sound old-fashioned, but if you know where to look, you can find exquisite collectibles, such as antique coins or vintage watches. You can find beautiful vintage pieces that are still in working condition and made out of gold. If you prefer an exciting trip through history, you can get in touch with local antique shops and professional antiquity sellers online to find period coins and jewelry. Imagine owning a gold medal from Roman Times? 

Golden beauty
Gold has fantastic antioxidant properties, which makes it a surprisingly useful addition to your skincare cabinet. Investing in gold beauty products comes at a higher price than most people would spend on a beauty lotion. However, you do get the double benefits of luxury feel and amazing properties. Not sure where to start? If you’re worried about avoiding gold scams and fake luxury products, take a look at the list of Midas-inspired serums and masks on You could brighten up your skin and give it a glorious glow in no time! 

My 24-karat snack 
You’ve probably come across gold-infused champagne. But the luxury bubbly drink is not the only gourmet food that comes with a golden content. For a whopping $666, you could buy yourself an expensive burger with gold leaf finish. To add to the luxury feel, the burger also contains caviar, foie gras, truffles, and lobster on top of the beef patty. Make sure to finish the meal with Serendipity 3 dessert, which comes with an edible gold leaf and a non-edible keepsake diamond bracelet. It’s yours for £25,000. 

Making gold part of your everyday routine can be a tricky and challenging hobby. However, you can invest in timeless pieces, such as a nugget or a vintage piece of jewelry. Not to your liking? Try a 24-karat gold snack instead! 

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