How To Protect Yourself In The Workplace

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Being able to protect yourself in the workplace is important. Your employer should be doing everything in their power to make your working environment as safe as can be but something that can go ignored or there can be a lack of it. Therefore, it’s up to you to ensure your rights and well being are looked after. Here are some tips to protect yourself in the workplace.

Ask For A Workstation Assessment
When dealing with your comfort and safety levels in the workplace, getting a workstation assessment is crucial. It’s important to have one because it can ensure you’ve got everything you need to help support your body and safety at your workstation in particular. The HR manager or your line manager should give you this workstation assessment within the first couple of weeks of you being there. If they haven’t, ask for one. This is something you need in order to help keep you safe, and if the employer is failing to provide one, they are liable if you get injured or suffer from injuries in the workplace.

Be Careful When It Comes To Heavy Lifting
There might be duties within your daily work routine where you’re required to lift heavy materials or objects. When it comes to lifting, you should have received some training or be aware of how to lift safely. At the same time, if you’re uncomfortable with lifting or find that the object you’re lifting is too heavy, you have the right to refuse. If anything, there should be a machine or equipment in place to help with such heavy lifting. If you’re ever injured from heavy lifting and weren’t given the proper equipment needed, again the business could be liable. It’s also worth looking for the best social security disability attorney or governing bodies that can help with these situations.

Keep A Log Of Anything Important
When it comes to finding problems within the workplace that could threaten your safety or health, it’s essential to keep a log. By having physical evidence that is timestamped and detailed, it can be handy to present as evidence when needed. Whether that’s to your HR department or to an outside body. Anything that you feel might be significant in your case, is important to note down, regardless of how small it can be.

Speak Up If You’re Feeling Bullied
There should be no place in any organization to be bullied. Whether that’s being singled out on multiple occasions or experiencing verbal abuse within the workplace. Be sure to speak up, rather than being silenced. It’s essential not to allow this behavior to go on or for it to happen to anyone else in the future. If you ever feel bullied, then it’s always important to tell those in charge and to make it known to your superiors.

Protecting yourself in the workplace is important, and even if you have the perfect set up from your employer, it’s always good to do everything in your power too.

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