The Four Golden Rules of Hosting a Good Party

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Whether it’s a birthday party, holiday party or just a party to celebrate basically anything, there are four golden rules that you absolutely need to follow if you want to throw a successful one. In this short but informative piece, we’re going to explain those four rules in great detail so that your next party is an absolute hit no matter what you’re celebrating.

1. Good food is a must

Everyone loves good food at a party, and it’s even better if it’s themed around the event. For instance, if you’re throwing an Easter party then why not add some sweet easter treats? If you’re celebrating Christmas, then why not do away with the typical turkey dinners and try something unique and different like a beef wellington?

Of course, party food must be accessible and it can’t be too fancy especially if you have a lot of guests. Finger food is generally preferable, but if you’re in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with calling a caterer to feed you.

2. What really makes a good venue?

We also need to talk about what makes a good venue. It’s also a good idea to learn more about the venue you’re booking to see what entertainment options they have and if they have catering services. However, we believe that there are certain surprising qualities which make for a great venue.

One of those qualities is convenience. If you’re throwing a party for a handful of people then you don’t need a fancy venue–you can just do it at home where everyone can go! If it’s too far away or difficult to get to, then it can be a real challenge to convince people to come. There are lots of other qualities of good venue, but it depends on the people you’re inviting and your personal tastes.

3. Don’t skimp on entertainment

You don’t need to have a massive event planned but there absolutely needs to be something your guests can do. This could be something unique to the reason you’re celebrating. For instance, a Christmas party usually has Christmas-themed games, movies or music. If you’re celebrating a birthday, then there are plenty of fun (and often embarrassing) activities that you can subject the lucky birthday candidate to.

Make sure you don’t skimp on entertainment when it comes to your party. If you have to invest in hiring a third party service or something similar then so be it! Just make sure you’re not skimping out on these costs because investing in entertainment will absolutely enhance your party.

4. It’s all about the memories you make

The most important thing to remember when it comes to hosting a party is that it’s all about the memories you make when the party's over. You want everyone to go home with some wonderful memories of the food, the music, the activities and of course, the interactions. Everything you do must focus on enhancing the overall experience and giving your guests something to remember fondly the next morning.

That’s why you should always aim to impress, but don’t do anything that will leave a bitter memory in someone’s mind. Make sure you encourage people to interact but don’t push them to a point they embarrass themselves at the expense of other peoples’ joy. As long as you make lots of fond memories, the party will be a success!

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