Getting Furloughed Is Actually A Chance To Relaunch Your Career

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Very few people in the West saw the coronavirus pandemic coming. Even fewer had any idea of the toll that it would take on the economy. Shutting down an entire civilization to control the spread of a disease seemed pretty far-fetched. That, however, is the world that we inhabit today. And it is affecting each of us on a personal level. 

This current crisis, though, isn’t just bad news. It is also an opportunity to do something different. If you’re on furlough, you have a lot of time to think and reflect on your situation. Do you really want to be stuck in the same job forever? Or is there something else that you’d like to do? 

The Importance Of Evaluating Your Career

Careers are funny things. Before we start them, we dream about what our lives might be like with a stable, secure income. We think about all the things that we could do if we had more money in our lives. 

The first few weeks are usually pretty good. But as they drag on and the office politics escalate, we start to become disenchanted. We start wondering whether there’s a better life out there for us somewhere else. It’s a natural human emotion. 

It is essential, therefore, to periodically evaluate your career. You want to be brutally honest with yourself about whether it is fulfilling your ambitions. Is it something that gets you going in the morning? Or would you prefer to be doing something else? 

It is easy to get stuck in a career routine. You do the same thing every day, earn your money, and then enjoy the rest of your life as best you can. But stasis isn’t healthy. You always need growth. Life is a quest. 

Research Your Options

Furlough gives you plenty of time to research your options too. You can find out which of your skills are in demand and what career moves make sense. Sometimes, you’ll just want to switch to a better company. Other times, you may want to move to an entirely different industry. 

Check out the available jobs online. Write down a shortlist that fits your CV and start approaching potential employers. If they’re advertising for people, it means that they want to hire, even if the economy appears to be doing poorly. 

Pick A New Direction That Challenges You

People tend to be at their best when something is challenging them. They need that pressure to perform and get things right. Without it, they can stagnate and take the easy route - and that’s rarely a good thing!

Pick a direction that will challenge you. If you’ve always had a desk job, try something more physical. 

If you’ve always worked as an employee, try going for a managerial or leadership position. These new directions will provide you with a genuine challenge and help to build your character. It’s not just about the money. Change itself can help you feel as though you’re living a more fulfilling life. 

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