4 Reasons To Buy and A3 Printer

Friday, April 1, 2011

Why buy an A3 printer when most of the documents you print are A4? That’s the conventional wisdom. But, the conventional wisdom isn’t always right. There are many benefits to buying an A3 printer. Here are just four of them. Print more, print quicker!A3 printers aren’t only useful for printing large notices, posters and other A3 materials. Because of the wider carriage and sideways printing, you can print much more, much quicker when you choose to buy an A3 printer instead!

FlexibilityA3 printers are highly flexible. Firstly, they can do everything that an A4 printer can do but additionally they can do lots of other things as well. For example, imagine you’ve decided to organise an event for your local church. What better way to promote it within your local community than with posters? Place some inside the church to appeal to the regulars but then place others elsewhere to attract newcomers.

Picture perfectAn A3 printer can do a wonderful job of printing photographs. If you get a printer that can do a “full bleed” print - allowing you to print all the way to the edges with no white space - and you pick up nice photographic paper, you’ll be able to save lots of money on photo processing. Did you know that after a certain number of years the copyright ceases to be owned by the copyright holder? So imagine finding a beautiful picture that was painted hundreds of years ago, printing it off and framing it in your home? That could be worth the cost of the A3 printer alone! When you’re choosing your printer, make sure it has full bleed functionality if you intend to print photography and artwork.

Increasingly affordableOh how things change. At one point the cost of an exceptional quality printer were much higher than they are today. Now, though, it’s possible to get printers with lots of processing power for a budget price. It used to be that only businesses could justify the cost of top quality printers but not anymore. Now you can treat yourself to an A3 printer without leaving a hole in your wallet!

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