The Body Shop's Three Minute Shower Challenge to Save Water

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did you know? The average five minute shower uses 100 litres of water?

The Body Shop
is encouraging Canadians to help save water and protect the planet by taking The Body Shop Three Minute Shower challenge.

To celebrate the launch of its new eco-conscious range of Shower Gels for Earth Lovers, The Body Shop is releasing the results of its first ever national Canadian Shower Survey which reveals that one in three Canucks (34%) are willing to cut more than three minutes off their precious shower time! The Body Shop is taking it one-step further and challenging Canadians to limit their time in the shower to just three minutes to show how committed they are to water conservation.

So what are Canadians spending the most time washing? The Body Shop Shower Survey reveals that most of us (39%) spend a good portion of our scrubbing energy on our upper bodies. However, approximately one in five men (19%) spend most of their shower time ensuring their private bits are sufficiently clean. The good news is that Canadians are willing to turn-off the tap and reduce their shower time to help conserve water. If we limit our shower time to three minutes, together we could save: - Approximately 800 million litres of water a day - Approximately 5.6 billion litres of water a week - Approximately 24 billion litres of water a month - Approximately 292 billion litres of water a year

Make a positive splash on the environment by showering with the new eco-conscious 100% biodegradable Earth Lovers shower gel range from The Body Shop. Choose from a selection of six refreshing fragrances: Lemon & Thyme, Mint & Cucumber, Watermelon & Eucalyptus, Apricot & Basil, Fig & Rosemary and Pear & Lemongrass and do your part in helping the environment.Take the 3 minute shower challenge!

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