Saturday April 23

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're babysitting this cute little bunny for a few weeks, till my daughter opens the petting zoo for the year. My daughter runs our local petting zoo from May - September. She was able to pick up this single bunny and since we have shavings and hay here already for our guinea pigs, she's having us keep it here till the zoo opens.

Easter tommorow- hope you all have a nice one- spent with your families. I won't be making the big Easter supper this year as Erika is still away at college, so didn't want to have that without her being here as well.( I have the two daughters: Ria and Erika).

Gerry did oil changes on Ria and my car: cost was less than $20 each- and that included the oil and the filter. An oil change at the garage would have costed us a minimum of $40-$45.

Gerry spent the day working on our counter tops in the kitchen that we are re-doing. Once he is completed with that project, we will be happy to show you how that turned out. We are re-doing them as a review so it has costed us nothing but Gerry's time. Today we also saved almost $50 on a single standing cupboard, in white.It will be replacing our old and outdated china cabinet with this cupboard, that will store all my baking and cooking pans, china that we rarely use, tea towels,etc..It will open up the kitchen area as well. We also bought tiles for two rooms that were on clearance for .29 a tile. They won't arrive till next week, but we will be able to re-do our kitchen floor and a spare room for super cheap and I can't wait. I love great deals!

Happy Easter everyone!

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