Dempster's New Oven Fresh Breads

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A fresh bread with supper is always nice, and Dempster's makes that easy with their Oven Fresh bread- ready in just 8 minutes in the oven. However, since yesterday was a nice day,Gerry threw one of our loaves, ( from a 2 pack), on the bbq, and it turned out just as nice.We had the roasted garlic. These baguettes are available at most grocery stores and retailing for $3.49. They come in a vacummed packed package that emits the wonderful aroma of the flavours,as soon as you crack open the bag.You can't help but just counting down the minutes till meal time.The baguettes will store in your pantry for up to 45 days without freezing and countaining no preservatives.

There's tasty options for everyone in the family. White,multigrain,rosemary & olive oil and also the roasted garlic, which we tried.These breads are sure to compliment any meal.

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