Day 4- Today in California

Friday, May 20, 2011

I was up early today blogging to you all about what we did yesterday.
Today we headed to Hollywood- and I must say it was a bit too busy for a small town girl like myself.We had so many people stopping us, asking us if we wanted to get on their tours, that I just started telling them that we lived here. Seemed to work-lol.

Had wanted to see the Kodak Theatre on the inside, where alot of the award shows are held, but it was closed to tours due to them setting up for a Cirque show.Did get to a Wax museum and the Guiness Museum, as well as saw all the Hollywood Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It seems like we haven`t gotten as much done as I would have liked to but since the area is so big, it takes a while to drive from point A to point B.

Later we grabbed a quick bite to eat in our hotel room, before heading to the Warner Brothers Studio VIP Tour.These passes we were able to get through our Go Los Angeles cards.This was a 2 hour tour through the Warner Brothers Studios- the backlots, the studio sets,prop house,sound stages, etc..It was interesting.It was nice we were shuttled around for most of it, as it would have been a ton of walking as it did cover a huge area.

Supper was Pizza Hut take out once again.They have been one of our great sponsers, and we have enjoyed eating pizza, breadsticks and pizza rolls tonight for supper. Only thing is, I think we ate too much- again!


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