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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our trip to California started on May 16th, when we drove the 6 hours to Saskatoon, Sask., to catch the plane there.We stayed overnight, doing some errands the next day,till our plane left at 4:45 pm on the 17th.

It was a long day of travelling and we arrived in L.A last night at a very busy airport.We're used to smaller airports where the car rental counters are right inside the airport.We had to take a shuttle to National's car rental depot.We didn't have a long wait till our shuttle came ,and the efficient driver of the shuttle helped us load our bags on.Traffic at the airport was crazy! Small town girl not used to this big city traffic.

We recieved a nice greeting at National Car Rental,where were went through a quick check in and were taken to a few cars to choose one of our choice.Erika chose the 2011 Chevy Malibu.A very nice car that rides smooth and looks sharp.
Although gps are available for your rentals, we had brought our own.

We drove last night to Glendale, where we are staying at the Days Inn for about 4 nights.
I expected warmer, sunny weather and brought more summer clothes than anything.Today looks very dreary and looks like we had rain last night.

Today our day will be to see the Ellen Show in Burbank, which I hear is only about 10 minutes from where we are staying in Glendale.We have to be there at 1:30 for the show at 4pm, so have only alloted this day for Ellen's Show.I'll be sure to tell you all about it later.Now I should rush off to shower before the bathroom becomes Grand Central Station!

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