Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day everyone- hope all you ladies have a wonderful day and enjoy any pampering you may recieve today!

Just wanted to share a photo of what we woke up to yesterday morning- yucky snow!
Today is suppose to reach 5 degrees so hoping it will start melting. We've had enough snow already!

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L Harris said...

Lucky you. We haven't gotten more at this point. Hoping we don't. I live in Northern AB.

Monique said...

Yeah, you want some-lol
I know it's been hit and miss around different parts of the prairies.

Denise Gabbard said...

You poor thing...I thought we had it bad. It's about 65 and sunny here in northeast Ohio today--are you in Canada? Sent you another blog post yesterday...please publish it for me...pretty please...?

Monique said...

Yes, I am in Canada-northern Saskatchewan-not on the prairies though- more out in the bush.Very isolated.
What blog post had you sent? Send me an email at:

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