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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Next week we are heading off on our "adventure" to California. I sure wish I was feeling better though, so I'm asking for your prayers for a speedy recovery for me please. I have an awful cold and certainly do not want to be flying with a cold.I know a few years back Erika was flying and had a cold and her ears hurt her so bad.
I have to head to the bank today or tommorow and get some US money and some Canadian money while we're here in Canada yet.
I hope to blog about our travels while we are away. I know our days will be full but I still want to keep in touch.
On another note, Erika will be 19 this Saturday. With me being sick we'll have just the 4 of us for cake. She picked out a small "Turtle" cake yesterday at the grocery store .Her airfare and spending money is a gift from us for her birthday though, plus I had bought her a dvd rack at Ikea when we were in Calgary and moving her home.
When we had orginally planned the trip, she was suppose to pay for her own plane ticket, but she soon ran out of money on her loan and lost a pt job she had. I didn't want to give up on all the planning I had done for the trip. ( She originally wanted to go to mainly see the Ellen Show- it's her dream she said, and Ellen was only doing shows till May, so we plunged forward with the plans.) We were lucky that Gerry got a good tax refund back and a bonus from his workplace this summer. (Airfare for the three of us return from Canada was $1500.)
I'm still last minute planning though and my main goal at this point is to get rid of this cold!

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