Saturday-May 28

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm not sure where the month has gone but poof-May is already done.

I see it is a long weekend in the USA this weekend- maybe some of you are going away on a weekend getaway? What are your plans for this long weekend?

While we were on our holidays in California, we set up a mini greenhouse in the living room and pre-planted carrots, sunflowers, lettuce,green onions, tomatoes, peas and more. As last year we just planted the seeds in the garden straight out of the packages and not everything came up well- if at all.

This year as well it will be nice to see how the blueberries will grow. Last year we uprooted blueberry plants from the bushes not too far from here and transplanted them in our yard.We will also have raspberries and plant potatoes too.

Gerry has been spending part of the weekend putting in our new flooring in the kitchen. We had gotten tiles for very cheap as they were clearing them out at .19 a tile. We bought tiles for 2 rooms at that price.Lots of work- but nice results.

The bunny is also back for the weekend. I was at the petting zoo on Friday and picked her up to come for a "visit". Will return her tommorow. She sure has grown!

Got our bill in for our mobile home insurance for another year-$1,000. It's such an outrageous price to pay. We pay it in payments.End up getting charged a bit for interest but we can't afford to pay that all in one shot.Mobile home insurance is also more than home insurance- and yes, we have shopped around- this is the cheapest we could get.This covers our home, content replacement and outside storage we have. Terrible is all I can say.

I think we'll be spending some more $$ and repainting the kitchen.I know, we just painted it, but I really don't like the color. It's a light green and I really have been having a hard time liking it. I think maybe we will change it to brown.

T.V time though...Gerry is sitting down so I think I will too.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.



  1. Holy smokes! I think we only pay $700 something for a whole house.... That's robbery....

  2. yeah, it is. But that would be the time something would happen, when you cut back on it.It's like a Murphy's Law I think-lol


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