My How We've Grown!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

You all may have remembered the picture of the bunny I posted on April 23rd that we are babysitting till my daughter Ria, opens the petting zoo:

I wanted to share with you how big she has grown in 16 days:

She has been a joy to have in our house. We let her have a run around the living room once a day and she loves it. She is really is a sweetie. Anyone else have a rabbit? I know we're gonna miss her when she has to leave.


  1. We have rabbits, but not as house pets. They sure are cute though! And yes they do grow fast.

  2. I have a dwarf rabbit and a chinchilla. We let them run around the bathroom; as they got older too much poop and pee to have them on the rugs.. lol. 2 years old now each; the love of our home.

    Also enjoy your california trip; love how your kitchen cabinet came out; and wow, snow at this time of the year.. whew.. !! hugs.

  3. The dwarfs would be cute. Now that it is getting older it wants to be out of the cage more and needs that space to run, but yes they are pooping more too.Once my daughter gets the petting zoo open in a few weeks it will go over there.
    I hope to get rid of this bad cough and sore throat I have picked up before we leave next week.
    My sister and daughter will be house sitting the pets.

  4. ...and the pee get larger too.. way thus the bathroom here only. They are adorable.. feel better.


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