Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're Back!

Tired, but home safe, and back from our holiday.
Will blog more tommorow on our last 2 days of our holiday. Spent most of today driving home from where we had caught our plane- in Saskatoon,6 hours away,unpacking and getting laundry done, going through mail, etc..

I have one Marble Slab Creamery $5 gift card to give away to the first comment.If you live in an area near one, I am looking to see if I can send it to you to see if you able to use it where you live.If you email me, I will explain.
I also have a $25 McCormick & Schmicks gift certificate to give away to you as well if you are the first comment that says they are interested and have one in your area. It expires 05/23/11 - we didn't have time to use it.
*** Please note, this is not a "giveaway" for multiple entries- these will only go to the first one to comment that would like these or either one or the other.