We've Got Tickets To Ellen!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Now that our trip to California is finally here, we are really looking forward to seeing the Ellen Show in Burbank.We have tickets to the May 18th show.

She is a great talk show host, always making the audience laugh and always has great guests. Now in its eighth season on the air the show has really found its niche on daytime TV. The show is not without its Daytime Emmy Awards either, it has already won 31 of them. As the show continues to gain popularity so does the level of celebrity guests and who doesn’t like to see Ellen ask the latest star humorous yet inspiring questions. So, how could we not be excited to see the show?


  1. So jealous! That would be awesome!

  2. You are so lucky! I would love to see Ellen :-)

  3. That's great, Monique!
    I was just checking my paperwork (as I am anal that way), and I see that Ellen only has new shows until the end of May each year. Mama's birthday is May 20 (her 81st this year), so perhaps you will be at a show airing on May 20 or so - even more gifts for the audience!
    Have a great time. We are ALL very envious....

  4. I hope to let everyone know how things go while on holidays.Nice that tickets were free!

  5. You and your husband has to get up and dance when she starts dancing.. lol.. let us know what day the show airs.. so we'll see you in the audience.

    Betty Ann


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