Cruising with Psi Bands

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So for anyone who hasn't followed along, we're taking a Caribbean cruise for our wedding/honeymoon.It will be a first time cruise for both of us, so we're only going for 4 days. One of the things we are both are worried about is the possibility of getting sea sick.

Well, I came across a product I saw in a magazine,called the Psi Band.They work using wrist acupressure, an ancient healing art. Not only are they said to be good for motion sickness but also pregnancy sickness, chemotherapy and anesthesia. And their stylish looking too!

Great highlights include:

-their a reusable product
-adjustable: you wear like a watch
-FDA cleared and drug free
-reasonably priced at $15 per set

We can't wait to try them after reading all the wonderful Psi Band testimonials.
If you have more questions about them, you can see a FAQ on their site.
We'll be sure to keep you all up to date on how they work for us.


  1. I expected to experience sea sickness on my first cruise (at 18) as I normally have tummy issues on smaller boats. Go figure, I was completely fine.

    My brother, who I was sharing a cabin with, ended up to pick up medication on board and he normally has a stomach of steel. You really don't know until you get on the boat.

  2. oohh, a cruise?! that sounds so much fun.
    the PSI bands is definitely a good idea. :D

    Have fun!

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