Monday-September 5

Monday, September 5, 2011

Well, today is the last day of the long weekend, and it's been quite nice having Gerry home for an extra day on this weekend.We both can't wait till his retirement in 7 years.He's been busy with DIY projects this weekend. He's wired the lights and plug ins in his workshop for $100 compared to paying someone to do it with a separate service, to a tune of what he figured would be over $1,000.He did have some problems at one point, but worked through it all.

He's currently staining our back and front decks. There was a sale on stain a few months ago so we bought it then, but he's been so busy with projects that he's only getting to it now.I hope to have before and after pictures later.I moved in 5 years ago, and he's had the decks he said for 7 years and never has stained them.

He also added our storm door and a blind to the back door, so nice to have that done as well. I was feeling uncomfortable with one single back door and no blind on the window before, but now all that's fixed and looks nice.Hard to believe but the space above used to be a walk in storage closet. Now we have a back door that leads to our back deck, and a new storage closet in another area.We also added a outside light outside this door and off onto the deck.

On another note, I've booked our flights for the wedding.Costed me more than I wanted to spend,as we didn't like the flights that were "cheaper".I was trying to use my points from our reward cards for hotels, but didn't have enough points there either, so will have to find some good deals. (We use our points as much as we can when we do go out of town, so we don't always have alot built up.)So far I've spent $500 for the wedding,$500 for the cruise and another $1400 for return flights for the two of us.I have gift cards for restaurants so that will help with that.

Erika is done her summer job at the payroll office as of this past Friday so she is hoping that she can claim some out of work benefits but has to apply. She starts her second year accounting, from home, in October.Not sure what the cost will be for that but we'll be splitting that with her dad.It will help that she can stay home and not have the living away from home expenses that she had last year while in Calgary.( She's still paying on that loan).

I hope your all having wonderful weather where you are living and getting out to enjoy it.


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