Friday-September 23

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's a beautiful day today.More so like summer than Fall, and we are due for the weekend to be very nice weather.Good for me, as it means I can get out for some outdoor walking with Gerry.The leaves are slowly turning yellow, and we have dew outside every morning, but the afternoons are wonderful to still enjoy.

I wanted to share as well with you all some money savers we had this week:

-picked up my used Kobo reader from an online buy and sell site and paid $65. This include 2 leather cases,the reader and a book light.I already downloaded one book for $2 and am contacting Kobo about seeing how I can make my "Stretching the One Income Dollar" book into a Kobo ebook.

-Picked up some insulation from the buy and sell site as well for $10- almost a full bundle that would have cost us at least $30 plus tax. Gerry's slowly insulating the workshop. Unfortunately not everyone has leftover insulation, but I'm still looking.

-Our kitchen sink tap was starting to spray out of one spot that seemed to have gotten a hairline crack. (This is a Danze brand that I may add, offering a lifetime guarantee).I called them and they are sending a replacement part for only $8 shipping.All other taps with the spray spouts were around $100 that I looked at. I didn't want to pay that, then was going to go used, till I thought of asking at the hardware store if they carried the replacements. The hardware manager told me that that brand was one that carried a lifetime warrenty. So I gave them a call and sure enough, they are able to replace for free.The tap: 7 years old.

- Am trying to earn referral points with Jetsetter-can I please have you Tweet this link code of mine?

Thank you everyone and have a great weather weekend!

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