Review:Eco-friendly : Kelly-Moore's "Green" paint

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our back yard needed a complete rehaul this summer since Gerry built the workshop in the back yard and started moving small sheds as well as fences and gates around.But rather than tearing down the back yard fence we once had and buying a new one, he just revamped things,and moved and restructured to fit in a different area of the back yard.That left the fence looking liked a pieced together fence. Some painted boards and some unpainted boards.

Kelly-Moore came to the rescue with a recycled eCoat paint for Gerry to try. He never had used recycled paint before but knowing it was good for the environment, he was eager to try it out- plus get his fence looking good again.

eCoat recycled paint is made with a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste paint. It is completely remanufactured to assure consistent performance.eCoat is available in both flat and semi-gloss enamel finishes and comes in 7 ready mixed colors.

Check out their store locator for a store nearest you as well as their full line of products.

Thank you to Kelly-Moore who provided us with a gallon of their eCoat recycled paint in the color slate to get our back yard fence back in tip top shape.

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