Friday, September 16, 2011

Doctoring Myself To Save a Buck

I was recently having some problems with my big toe,( this photo I chose was much more fitting than MY slightly inflamed toe.) It was hurting and not sure why-thinking maybe over the summer and with wearing sandals, I managed to get some dirt under the nail. Well, after a month at least past, it was still bothering me,so I called a podiatrist in the city.( We only have general practitioners here in our small town .I try to either see a specialist or figure things out on my own and do my own doctoring).

In Canada, we don't have to pay for our medical treatments, although SOME we do. To see a podiatrist is a $70 fee.

Well, I called them in the city,and was told I could send in some photos of my toe by email. After I did that, I called over there and was told the doctor thought I had an ingrown toe nail and that I could get a partial removal for $300.Yikes!
Yikes not only to what it would cost but also after watching the procedure on U Tube.

I did some reading online and from what I read, I could do my own healing if it wasn't too bad, by soaking it in baking soda,taking ibuprofen for inflammation and seeing if I could get something from the drugstore that would lift the nail a bit.

So,I'm doctoring myself.Hoping for the best.I certainly don't want to pay $300 to have someone pull out part of my nail.Nor do I want to have part of my nail pulled out. Has anyone had this done?

In closing, may I suggest that for minor ailments, one checks online for possible solutions before "doing the extreme" or "paying the extreme".


  1. I had a partial big toe nail removal right after I was born because it was ingrown at birth. About 5 years ago or so, it started getting ingrown on the other side and I couldn't keep it from happening. The doctor removed my whole big toe nail on my right foot. Thankfully, my insurance paid the majority of the bill!