Review: Lefty's Left Handed Store

Monday, September 19, 2011

My youngest daughter Erika was born left handed. Growing up, she always had a harder time managing tasks such as cutting paper, buttering bread and pretty much anything else that used items geared for right handed people.Living in a small town I couldn't even get her left handed scissors for school, except one year we found a pair in the city.Didn't have them long though- she had them stolen at the beginning of the school year.

As time went on, she struggled with scissors and utensils made for right hand people. So you can imagine it was a real treat for us to come across an online store selling products for left handed people.

With the left handed kitchen set she reviewed, she said she wished she would have had these utensils to use growing up. ( Erika is 19).

She also loves the left handed Fiskars scissors that are making life so much easier.Molded just for lefties.

One of my favorite sayings for lefties also appears on one of their spiral notebooks in their sale section : "I May Be Left Handed But I'm Always Right". This is a great place to give a gift certificate for that lefty that has everything.But if your in San Franscisco , drop in and see them at their location at Pier 39.

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