How Candy Became a Halloween Tradition

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It is the time of year for anyone with a sweet tooth to rejoice as Halloween is just around the corner. Stores everywhere are already stocking there shelves with Halloween themed candy. Perhaps the oldest of these sweet treats is candy corn, and it keeps coming back every year. Candy corn dates back to the 1880’s . Some other Halloween oldies but goodies include popcorn balls, wax lips, and caramel apple pops. Despite some of these candies dating back to the 1800’s it was not until the 1970’s that candy took center stage during the Halloween season. In fact, trick-or-treating did not start until the 1930’s and at that time kids were given coins, fruit and nuts as treats instead of candy.

Our favorite Halloween candy/chocolate sites (not limited to but including great Halloween treats)-

-The Madelaine Chocolate Company-With it's huge variety of smooth and yummy chocolates this Halloween, your sure to find something you'll love. One of our favorite picks includes their Haunted Hunt chocolate game which is like a scavenger hunt with caramel filled gooey ghouls and solid milk chocolate monsters.

What is so great about haunted hunt is that after trick or treating the fun doesn’t end and kids can sit around and play the game by reading the clues behind the windows and enjoy the chocolates they find. Halloween is a kid’s holiday but they still use the same high quality chocolate that they use for all their products. Offering solid milk chocolate, crispy milk chocolate as well as peanutbutter and caramel filled truffles all in brightly colored holiday themed foils.

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