Tuesday-September 13

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've been meaning to "ramble" since the weekend but it just hasn't happened.

The weather around here has dropped frightfully.Brrr...and I even had to put on my furnace today.I made it till lunch time before I had to put it on.I have the sweater and slippers on as well but still we were all cold today.This morning I believe it was only 4 degrees! Rainy off and on too all day.

Bears have been without berries for a while now in the bush and they have been coming into town in the wee hours of the morning, getting into people's garbage bins, knocking them over and making a mess.Luckily our bin is made in a way that they can't get it open and they don't touch it.

I ordered my wedding dress too from a company online that makes dresses in China.The total so far is $115 so I hope they don't hurt me with duty fees when it makes it's way here to Canada. I have to wait up to 4 weeks for delivery. I'll no doubt be panicking by then hoping it makes it here before we leave.

Gerry is looking at getting a command start put into his truck. Winter's are very cold here, and one usually always needs to run their vehicle for a while before you can just "go".We'll be getting someone that has experience putting them in, over a business that does them.This will no doubt be a 3-4 hundred $$ savings.The command start unit is $120 so we are waiting for them to go on sale. Gerry said they should soon as this would be the season they will soon be advertising them in.

We saved ourselves a ton of money on my car recently. I was having troubles with the signal light not working all the time. The garage said it was probably a worn out something or another in the signal light lever. It would cost with labour and the part, about $600. I did not want to pay that and started thinking about how I could do this cheaper. Well, I thought a backyard mechanic would be cheaper and got to talking to one on our Facebook online buy and sell. He suggested the hazard light was the problem. I couldn't see how, but we ended up doing some tests by wiggling that button, and discovered that that's what it was. We bought a used part for $10 and Gerry installed it himself. We were quite pleased with that, but not pleased with the garage telling us what it could have costed us if we weren't smart consumers. So always be sure that before you spend money on bigger purchases, you think of how you can do it cheaper. You'll end up with savings guaranteed, with this mindset.

Enjoy your week everyone!


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