Day 2- and On To Day 3

Friday, April 19, 2013

Well, travelling, even with a schedule doesn't always work the way you want it to.
Yesterday we flew out of Saskatoon around 3 pm and then into Minneapolis/St Paul for our one hour layover, which turned into much longer, since there was a snow storm there, flights were late and others had to get de-icing before taking off.We were suppose to have left at 7 pm but never left till around 9 pm. 

By the time we got into Philadelphia, got our car, ( which we had another delay waiting for the shuttle to get to the airport), it was after 2 am..We were tired, thirsty and just wanted to get to our hotel, but those plans never worked either. We had a GPS but couldn't find the hotel. We were even driving around out in all "necks of the woods" and I felt like we were going in circles more than anything.At 2:30 I told Gerry let's just grab a name brand hotel on the GPS that seems like a good name and get to bed. So that's what we did.We checked in at the Marriott Philadelphia West and fell asleep at 3 am.. Late start to the day though as we woke at 10 am. Not like us at all. We're usually earlier risers than that.

Check out soon and a long day ahead of us. Day is gloomy out and raining, but very nice countryside around these parts in West Conshohocken,Pa.


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