Day 5- Atlantic City and Area

Sunday, April 21, 2013

At the end of our day today, and retiring early- 6 pm. Just finished playing some slots at the Borgata Hotel &Casino, (have not been lucky since we have been here so we are calling it quits this trip- don't want to lose any more money). However, before we left, we stopped at  Fat Burger, in the hotel, and picked up 2 of their delicious burgers. Good food, juicy burgers!

Earlier in the day, we visited the Absecon Lighthouse, climbing 228 winding stairs to the top. Was a bit hard on the legs and kind of tricky walking down. You really can't be moving too fast coming down, as you can see between the stairs and it gets a bit confusing, but we made it. Along the way up as well there are little stop off points where you can rest and look out the window. Don't think I would have made it without those. Once at the top, a guide presented us with cards that said " Congratulations, you just climbed New Jersey's tallest lighthouse, the third tallest lighthouse in the United States!"

We also took a drive out to see Lucy the Elephant, in Margate, NJ. She is six stories high and is listed on the National Park Registry of Historical Landmarks. You can even go inside.In this photo is the entrance way. We got to climb to the top too but the stairwell up in very narrow. Interesting to see,and she has a very long history behind her.

The weather has been very cool here still so it has kept us in more than I'd like to be. Seems like the weather has been wacky all over the US and Canada though.Tomorrow we think may just be a partial day of shopping and browsing.


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