Make Money With Your Spring Cleaning

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This time of the year many of us are attempting a spring cleaning of our homes. This is an opportunity to look into those nooks and crannies-as scary as some of them may be. During this time many of us are discovering that we have a lot of ‘stuff’ that we don’t use. Sure you could put it out with the garbage and hope that someone takes it away, but remember that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Here are some ways to make money from your unwanted things.

Garage sales/Sell online:
Spring and summer are also prime garage sales times. Try to see when the garage sales are set up in your neighborhood and attempt to sell some of your things that way. Garage sales are ideal if you have a lot of things and individual posting on an online sell website such as Kijiji would take forever. If you have a few good quality items such as furniture etc., selling online might be a great option for maximum exposure.
Send it away: 
There are some things such as CDs and DVD that in this MP3 era are harder to sell to individuals. Try a service such as Music Magpie, in which you enter the bar code into the site, get an instant price quote, and send it away for free, and then receive a cheque for your items. Finally, ways to earn money back for those DVDs you never watch
Check consignment shops: 
 Many of us have unwanted clothes that we never wear, or kids outgrow. Instead of donating them, choose some higher quality, gently used or brand name items and try to sell them to a consignment shop. That way you can earn a little bit of money to go towards your child’s next growth spurt.

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