Review: Express Yourself With Qwertees

Sunday, April 28, 2013

When it comes to fashion, it is important that it represents who you are. Sometimes standing out from the crowd, means seeking out original clothing, that is both stylish and representative of your personality. Recently, Gerry got the Heisenberg Crystal Meth Shirt from Qwertee. The shirt is based on the extremely popular television show Breaking Bad, which is about a high school chemistry teacher, who turned into a meth dealer in order to pay his medical bills.We love this show so it's kinda cool to have the t-shirt too!

Qwertees feature a vast collection of pop culture shirt designs that are certain to please you no matter what genre interest you. It is the chance to be quirky and original in your sense of style, while showcasing some of your eclectic interests. These shirts are not something that you will find at the local mall, which is what makes them such a terrific conversation piece. 

Half the fun is browsing through all the shirts available!

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