Exploring Atlantic City

Friday, April 5, 2013

In a few short weeks, Gerry and I will be visiting Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is a well-loved resort city known as the Las Vegas of the east coast. The city is filled the Vegas vibe and Casino style entertainment which includes of course a lot of great gambling, as well as some world class entertainment and shows.  The various casinos themselves are a sight to behold for any tourist, so make sure to explore each one to see what it has to offer.  There is a lot of nightlife for the night owls but also plenty to do for those who want to explore the city during the day.  Atlantic City has a world class boardwalk so you can walk along the shore and breathe in the sea air, while stopping at some local shops and restaurants. Also it is the site of the Abescon lighthouse, one of the oldest and most majestic lighthouses in North America.

As a fun trivia fact, the game “Monopoly” is based on the areas around the city, so as you walk around try to find some of the local street names that are featured prominently in the game. This is a city filled with excitement.
Can't wait for our visit Atlantic City!

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