How Shopping For Shoes Online Changed My Life

Monday, April 1, 2013

In a moment of boredom, a shoe shopping flashback from early childhood comes to me like a thief in the night: How vividly I remember standing in line, waiting to get my feet measured. It’s hot, babies are crying and adults are grumbling. A harassed assistant is frantically doling out shoes for people to try on, getting more flustered by the minute.

I think my dislike of shoe hunting began around this time. For starters, who in the right mind wants to get their feet out in public, except during the hottest months of the year?

Then there’s the fact that, in order to try on shoes, you have to leave your handbag and shopping purchases unguarded. After this escapade, you proceed to waste countless minutes waiting to find out if they have your particular size in store.

If, like me, you have large feet (I’m a size 8) then there is also often the crushing disappointment of realizing that the shoes you really want to buy aren’t available in your size. By the time it comes to making a decision, you’re frustrated and tired.

Happily for me, discovering that I can purchase my footwear over the Internet has changed my outlook. By shopping online for my shoes, I am able to have a relaxed and pleasant shopping experience. I have a much wider choice of shoes and I can take my time to find exactly the right pair to go with the outfit I have in mind. Plus, I can check to see if the store has my size very quickly, before getting my hopes up.

As a busy working girl, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to shopping. As such, having the option to shop online in the evenings or from home at the weekends is fantastic. It’s easy to multi-task and combine online shoe shopping with catching up with friends or replying to emails. Equally, journeys to and from work are much more fun, now I can browse for shoes on my phone!

When I receive the shoes I have ordered, I can try them out in the comfort of my own home. This means I can make a balanced decision about whether they are comfortable or not and whether they work with the outfit. On the rare occasion that they are not right, it is easy to return them via the post and I have no problems getting my money back.

Even better, since I started shopping for shoes online I have actually saved myself money. This is because I am making good purchasing decisions and not giving in to the temptation to impulse buy (quite a feat!).

All in all, shopping for shoes online has saved me time, money and stress – it literally has changed my life!

Author Bio:
Georgia Hayman is a writer who loves to go online to find new shoes.

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