How To Get The Most Loyalty Points

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One of the best ways to get more for your buck is to participate in a loyalty program of some kind. There are two main types of loyalty programs that are available to today’s consumer. One is when you receive money back for the product you buy, while another allows you to collect points on purchases which you can save up and redeem at a later date. If you are careful about collecting your points you can earn big rewards fast. Here are some helpful hints to maximize your earnings.

Choose the right card: 
It is not to your advantage to get a loyalty card to a store that you do not frequent. One of the best choices is to get a loyalty card which will allow you to collect points in multiple locations; this is something that has been popularized with reward programs like Air Miles. In such cases you can simply present your card at the participating locations and collect points for purchases.
Partner up with a credit card: 
Often times you can have a reward program that is linked to your credit card. In such cases you can virtually use your loyalty program anywhere to collect points. This is great for people who often forget to present their separate loyalty card, or for those who do not want cards to overcrowd their wallet.
Shop smart:
Many retailers will have special bonus days associated with their loyalty program. You can often figure out the schedule of these, as they can be quite frequent. During that time make sure to purchase the products that offer extra points or bonus points. This is great because for virtually the same purchase you will earn much more points. These bonus days can quickly multiply how many point you have. Get the whole family involved in looking for the best offers, so you can redeem on things that everyone can enjoy.
Have a goal: 
You are much more likely to succeed in collecting loyalty rewards if you have a goal to reach towards. Ideally, make your first goal something smaller that you can earn enough points to redeem for relatively quickly. As soon as you are hooked and you see how fun it is to collect, strive for some bigger items.
Collecting loyalty rewards can be a lot of fun, and if you are a smart collector you can get some fantastic rewards.

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