Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Many of us have goals that we are trying to save our money for. It is not easy by any means, and there always seems to be a reason why you should spend money instead of saving it. In order to achieve your goals, whether it is travel or a down payment on a house, you just may have to trick yourself to do it. Here are some ideas how:
Have a designated savings account: 
There are a number of easy access savings accounts that you could consider. Many banks offer accounts that help your money grow, an example is BM savings. You could set up automatic transfers into your savings account, and not look at them till a specific time. Consider the money in these accounts untouchable.
Save your change:
Whenever you have any change in your wallet, simply throw it in a piggy bank or a jar of some kind. Then once or twice a year you can have a rolling party at which you roll your loose change and see how much you can actually save in a year without thinking about it. For example you could use it as spending money on a trip.
Pay yourself:
We all have some things that we simply don’t like to do. So decide on a salary for yourself when you finally clean out the garage, or head back to the gym. It just might be the incentive that you need. That way if you want to buy something frivolous, you know you have to ‘earn’ it, first.

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