Day 4- Atlantic City

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well, the weather outside is frightful...yes, it has been cool here in Atlantic City and dull. Not much for sun for sure.

                                      (Gerry at the Boardwalk)

Went down to the Boardwalk today. Not what I expected. The souvenir shops seemed "sub standard." Older merchandise in alot and very low quality. Hasn't been easy to find nice souvenirs so we may need to go hunting in the next few days. If one loves walking, this is a great place to do it though. The ocean is about quarter mile from the Boardwalk, but we have yet to actually walk down to the shore.Today was just cool and windy.Expect as well to find pan handlers, rolling chair pushers and timeshare promoters that will at times pose an inconvenience by trying to stop you. 

Along the Boardwalk,besides the souvenir shops you can find places to grab a bite and run, and some of the casinos/hotels.Also on this strip is Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, with over 400 exhibits.Interesting place to see while your on the Boardwalk.

Tonight we were at The Legends in Concert tonight at Ballys and really enjoyed it. Best part of the show we found were the Blues Brothers impersonators, who really seemed to steal the show and made a great ending to the show as well. Could have watched  a whole show of these two! They have shows all over so please be sure to look for a location online near you or a city you may be travelling to.

Be sure to see what we are up to tomorrow!


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