Small Bathroom Renovation

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Decided I wanted some new color scheme in parts of the trailer. Since our bathroom off the master bedroom is the smallest room, I figured it would be the one to require less money and less time for Gerry to do.
I wish I would have had a before picture, but I sort of didnt think of it till he was mid way done, but I can give you an idea from this post I once did for a switchplate cover review. We had dark green and cream colors as well as oak colored flooring in here.
New colors: dark brown flooring
                    brown walls
                    turquoise towels and rug

Update to today's finished look:
-2 bundles of dark brown laminate from Walmart @ $18 a bundle
-light switch cover in white and switches-$3
-we had leftover paint from the living room-$0
-mud and filler-$11
-hand towel, face cloth and rug-$20

Now I'm thinking I'd love us to re-do colors the same way in main bathroom, but won't be till next month. 

*** I realize this photo is kind of dark- not the best lighting but hope it still give you an idea of it all!


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