Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Creating The Right Shade of Green For Your St Paddy's Day Treats PLUS Bonus Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is soon upon us. As such you can try your hand at baking some St. Patty’s inspired treats. It does not have to be difficult even something as simple as a clover shaped cookie, can be just right for this festive holiday. But when baking, you do want to get just that right shade of green for your creations.

McCormick has a handy food color guide for turning boxed cake mix and canned white frosting into every shade of green, from light mint to deep emerald.

For more Irish inspiration, try these festive recipes:

  • Shamrock Sugar Cookies: These dazzling clover-shaped sugar cookies coated in green-tinted icing are an easy way to add a little Irish fun.
  • Luck of the Irish Crispy Treats: Scatter golden foil-wrapped chocolate candy coins around these emerald green crispy treats to create your own Irish pot of gold!
  • Lemon-Lime Bars: These bars have an irresistible citrus flavor that comes from fresh lime juice and pure lemon extract.
  • Green with Envy Cheesecake Bars: Contrasting layers of green, white and chocolate brown get a hint of sophistication with refreshing pure peppermint extract.
  • Green Ombre Cake & Cupcakes: Varying the drops of food color in layers of cake batter made from a cake mix makes this colorful delight achievable for all bakers.
    • Mimic the ombre effect on the outside of the cake by tinting frosting various shades of green and layering onto the outside of the cake.
  • Irish Cream Swirl Brownies: This decadent brownie, infused with vanilla extract and Irish cream liqueur, will have everyone tapping their feet to a Celtic tune.
  • Emerald Mint Milkshake: This classic milkshake recipe is transformed into a cool concoction with a hint of green and touch of pure peppermint extract.

Review: Earth Rated Bags

Review by : Erika

When you have a dog, like we have "Be", you know it will bring a lot of joy and love into your life…and a lot of poop. Sometimes it can be scary to think what happens with all those plastic poop bags that you deposit into your garbage several times a day. Plastic can take close to forever to disintegrate in the environment.

This is why an incredible amount of pet owners use Earth Rated poop bags. These bags are biodegradable, very sturdy, and lavender scented, and are big enough for any sized dog needs. The lavender smell is a definite plus, as it can help mask any odors. The extra-large sized also ensure that your fingers never make any unwanted contact.

It is wonderful to know that these bags will biodegrade quickly, and will not cause any harm to the environment, and they cost just pennies a bag-a dog gone good deal.

I was very  impressed with package presentation and contents
Bag dispenser/holder is convenient and easily attaches to leash, and bags have a nice scent and are earth friendly!
Would love to see different colors (girl/boy dog maybe..) and different scents 

-Dispenser/bags on leash
-Be with all her goodies