Friday, March 7, 2014

Keeping Our Pets Cozy!

According to the calendar winter may almost be over, but that is not what we see when looking outside at least I'm not, here in Northern Saskatchewan! Your pets know it too and look for warm and comfortable places to snooze away the last few remaining weeks of winter. Why not get them a nice doggie bed to sleep away the time in style? Or even a cozy bed for lazy kitties?

The Wander Bed  from Kurgo

The Wander Bed  from Kurgo is perfect for doghouses, offices, crates, and anywhere else Fido might want to rest his eyes. Boasting a plush fleece top and non-slip bottom, the Wander Bed easily rolls up and has a handle for easy transporting. This comfortable, convenient bed is machine washable and has a pocket for storing some of Fido's favorite things.

DIY pet bed-(By: Directions Not Included)-

DIY midcentury pet bed. It was initially intended to be for the dogs but Lemur has claimed it as hers!
See the complete instructions in the link above!

LazyBonezz- The Luxury Throw

The LazyBonezz Luxury throw is a great option this winter for both pets and pet owners. The snuggly plush faux fur and silky satin make this a haven for pets. Pets can cuddle up during the snowy months on the soft throw anywhere in the house from the sofa to the floor. Keep your pet warm and cozy with a LazyBonezz Luxury Throw! 

** Watch this spot for more pet products to keep our pets cozy!

Leave a Message To The World- Video Contest

Writing a will to family members can be a long and tedious process, but has discovered an easy, fun way to send these messages to loved ones using videos.

Now it's time to vote. The voting system powered by Facebook, Woobox and Twitter allows users to vote for their favorite last will video and share it via social media.  Sharing it to Facebook and Twitter increases the chances for more votes and spices up the competition by giving friends a chance to also create videos. Most videos are targeted towards loved ones and what users would share in their actual last wills. 
Others are historically funny, aimed towards the enemies of the candidates.
One of the top contender's videos touches on all aspects of her life from friends, family, enemies, food, school life and even the future.  Check out this innovative way to share you last words!