Thursday, December 1, 2016

Keep #Healthy This Holiday Season With Purell's Advanced Hand Sanitizer!

It's the season to go shopping, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la.

When December arrives and the Christmas songs are played everywhere, you know it is time to get the Christmas list done.

It is the busiest time of the year for many people, we go out for shopping even though the temperature outside is in negatives. The cold virus gets busy with us, too many people get sick with the cold virus during this season. 
While we are out and about hurriedly finishing our list, going in stores filled with people chances are we carry a virus with us back home. So what do we do that we do not get sick? Washing hands after coming home from outside is a must, but don't forget to carry a Purell Advanced hand sanitizer in your handbag either. They come in really handy when you take a break for coffee or a meal during your shopping.

November's Expenses While Rving

With the US dollar still quite strong to our Canadian dollar, we've been still taking a kicking, but on a positive note, enjoying no snow weather.
We have broken down some of our expenses while we were here for November- 
this does not include all expenses such as the internet, our minutes on our phones, etc but does include expenses that are related to the RV and some others that we like to know for our own knowledge where we're at. Food always seems to be a big one for us, but we always try to challenge ourselves for the next month as well.

Camping: $223 CDN- while we were 3 days in Las Vegas
Parking: $26.22 CDN- which included parking at one of the hotels when in Las Vegas and parking at Mexico parking lot with the RV when we had our dental work done this past week
Laundromat: $34.16 CDN- Go one a week- usually Sunday and do a big load and a dry. The rest of the week I was clothes in a pail and hang out on the line behind the RV
Take out  : $36.20 CDN
RV Gas: $593.60 CDN- this included a trip to Vegas, and Mexico ( for dental) as well as some gas that we needed to run the air conditioner when we had hotter days this past month. Now we've got the furnace on during the evenings. Oh the extremes!
Propane for RV: $43 CDN
SUV Gas: $117.30 CDN- Driving in Las Vegas, trips to and from town, and 20 minutes out to the post office twice a week, etc. We're going to try to do less trips into town though or maybe only do post office runs once a week.
Groceries: $589.17 CDN- sure would like to reduce this one as well!

We'll see how things go this month as we try to watch our dollar/ expenses.
Although a trip to Disney and Knottsberry Farm are in the future for us this month!


2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Teens

Searching for gift ideas for a teenager? My holiday gift guide includes fun suggestions teens will love! 


totallee is a start-up based out of South Pasadena, CA that focuses exclusively on making thin and minimalistic iPhone cases. They offer three different models that range in thinness, and material, to fit your specific protection needs. All their cases are bulk and branding free, and fairly priced at $19. 

The Scarf - At .02" thin and .02 oz light the Scarf is one of the worlds thinnest iPhone cases and is the slimmest in their collection. The Scarf is made from a hard, yet slightly flexible, PP plastic and is currently available in white, black, grey, navy blue and burgundy. 

The Spy- The Spy is a fully transparent case that's perfect for showing off your iPhone's original color and design. Its gummy TPU material adds grip and great everyday protection. 

The Doberman - The Doberman is totallee's most rugged case. Made from a durable, matte-black TPU material, this case will protect your device from scratches, drops and more. It's slim profile and rear circular Apple logo cutout will keep your iPhone looking like an iPhone.  

Each case comes with their simple, yet elegant, kraft packaging and 90-day warranty card, hand signed by the team member who inspected and prepared the package. Perfect for any teen who loves a stylish case!

Maybelline New York Holiday Kits-

Containing everything you need to achieve a full look, with shades exclusive to the palettes. The Up In Smoke palette offers an eye shadow quad with a selection of shades for the perfect smokey eye look, accented with neutral highlighters, a rosey toned blush and onyx liner. Gilded in Gold reveals bronze and nude shades to take you from day to night, with a deep apricot blush and bronzer for an effortlessly #ItGirl finish.

**Watch this spot for more great gift ideas for teens coming soon!