Back Home- and Oh So Much To Do!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

We're back home from our 6 months away- coming home to a frozen water line- despite having the water shut off, so Gerry has been busy with that today. We've had the RV to unload, mail to sort through, taxes to get ready, ( have less than 2 weeks before the deadline), and so much more! We're doing our best but I HATE being unorganized and frazzled! Basically everything from RV had to come in, be cleaned, washed, put away- it's alot. Even Christmas and birthday gifts will have to be caught up on.

We gave the neighbor his gift bag of goodies for looking after the place while we were gone, and he was telling Gerry he heard things will still be bad with the hospital and the doctor shortage here. Still 2 doctors only- despite them building a new multi million dollar hospital wing. It's just so unreal. He wanted to make a doctor appt and they told him he has to call back in two months to make an appt! I guess we'll all be self medicating in the meantime! The dentists are no better here- 2 months wait! So Gerry and I are glad we did ours while we were away. Even Jakey had dental in Vegas done for $200- nice cleaning, that would cost over $700 here!

Wanted to share my expenses for the month of April while we were away and up until April 21. Since we traveled in Canada and the USA during this month, I have taken the US dollar amounts and converted to Canadian.

Laundry- $10.52
Propane- $81.93
SUV Gas- $38.00
Camping - $25.50
Take out- $45.17
Groceries- ( which includes food for Jakey, cleaners, etc)- $455.25
RV Gas for return trip home- $1750

That's about it for me today.. short and sweet so I can continue on....

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