Interesting Spot- The Goodwill Outlet, Portland, Oregon

Sunday, April 15, 2018

I do love my looking for bargains- and had heard about the Portland Goodwill Outlet from another blogger. Since we were going to drive through Portland anyhow, we were able to make a stop, and glad we did. 

It's not like your typical Goodwill Store. It's an outlet. Everything is in bins. It's per pound you pay for what you buy. Books are an extra charge though separately from what goes on the scale.
There were many shoppers looking for bargains. 

I quickly learned that alot of the shoppers are waiting for the staff in the back to bring out newly loaded bins. So the blue bins are on wheels, get pushed out and people wait till all 6 bins are out in their spot till they can go through them. And they come and go like that all day.  In and out the back doors of the building.

I think its great as there is always new stock coming out and some people  stay longer just to wait.
Some buy for themselves and some are there bargain shopping to resell the cashier told me.
All in all- interesting. I bought 5 lbs of "things" for $10.38 and a few books for $7

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