Redwoods National Park, CA

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Check off another National Park from the bucket list! Loved the trees, and even saw the ocean as well, but will see more of that in days to come.

Unfortunately today was a cold, and rainy day. Plus not alot of places we can stop with a big RV either. But we made the best of it- and saw what we could. There was a couple of meadows for elk but none were in them at the time we were there. The trees were amazing, and the scenic byway through the park is a must take road. The road closed in with giant trees, alot of mulch on the ground, thick forest... amazing!

After the National Park, we drove through to Klamath to see the Trees of Mystery but because of the rain and the cold, and being an outdoor thing, we just went to the gift shop and took photos of some neat things in their huge parking lot!

** click photos to enlarge...

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