Las Vegas- April 4- Doggy Dental and a Visit to a Famous Bakery!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

We had to come into Vegas today as Jakey had a dental cleaning, one we knew he would have to be put out and would be there for a good part of the day. It unfortunately turned into a `most of the day` thing. We dropped him off at 9 am and we didnt pick him up till 8 pm. One vet only I guess working, and all animals are dropped off in the morning and then they work on them accordingly while the others wait. Poor Jakey- no water most of the day or food. He didnt need any extractions though, and had free bath and nail clipping along with his cleaning for $160 US. Long day though, so we`re back in Henderson for an overnight.

While he was at the vet, we decided to take a trip over to Freed`s Bakery . We even got a behind the scenes tour from Max. The bakery makes so many great goodies- and yes we of course bought some cookies, and cupcakes. The place is busy! Freed`s Bakery is the bakery that is doing works of art cakes on the Food Network`s Vegas Cakes.

If in Vegas, be sure to stop in.It`s a  family-owned bakery, satisfying Las Vegas sweet tooths for more than 50 years. Located three miles east of the strip, the award-winning spot excels in irresistible treats, including cupcakes, cookies, pastries and of course- cakes!

Thank you to Max for showing us around!
P.S We are in love with the baked treats! Especially the cookies- and even our Yorkie loves them!!


  1. I would have to drop off your dad in there for the day and pick him up the next day, lol! Mom

  2. They do very nice baked goods here! But no bread/ buns.


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