``The Pads``- A Camp Spot With Some History ( Death Valley, Ca)

Friday, April 6, 2018

On highway 190 just outside of Death Valley National Park, we found ourselves a free overnight camp spot. No shade but quiet and plenty of privacy.
Known as "The Pads", this location's ownership is in question. It is said that the police patrol it and boondockers are not hassled. It was possibly a company town belonging to the 20-mule team people, Rio Tinto Borax. For now, there are no facilities. It's just a bunch of old slabs. While the sewer connections can be enticing for those camping with RV`s, they are not functional.
We also had a beautiful view of the mountains but had to unplug ourselves as no internet nor any nearby stores.


  1. My name is Christine. I was one of the original inhabitants of The Pads. My father was an electrician at the mine nearby. We lived there from 1976 to 1981. It housed about 100 of us, adults and kids. It has a pool, a rec room and a small park. Our bus stop was at the road entrance. It's insane to see it as a campground now. Nice.

    1. wow! Thank you for sharing- that is most interesting to know.

  2. Hi Christine, do you have any photos of "The Pads" from 1976-1981 that you could share with us?


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