The Scenery Was Nice But Not The Stress That Came With It

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Today we started out on another day that we thought would go a bit quicker than it did. Sometimes when traveling we have that point to point  all planned out and hours it will take us. Today took longer- much like yesterday. 
This can happen when, like today, we went through mountains that were hard on our older , 37' RV with a tow. Roads were steep, winding and speeds had to be slow on those turns. We also had some rain, and then some fog as well. (This was the hwy # 299 from Redding, Ca. to the west coast of McKinleyville, Ca.)

 We saw some beautiful scenery but at times we both wished it was over. We had had enough of the mountains for the day and were glad when we pulled into Trinidad, Ca for the evening, and saw the ocean!

Tomorrow is a new day and we'll head to the Redwood National Park.

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