5 Ways To Celebrate Grandparents Day This Year

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Every year, the National Grandparents day is celebrated on the first Sunday that comes after Labor’s day.  But before you find out how to celebrate the grandparents’ day this year, here’s a story that is worth reading. In 1970, a West Virginia housewife, Marian McQuade introduced the idea of a setting a day aside to promote people to visit their elderly family members. To turn this idea into reality, she started lobbying the policymakers and after years of struggle, in 1978, the first Sunday after Labor Day was declared as the National Grandparents Day by the then President of United States.

So, if you are from among those lucky few, who have their grandparents around, here’s an opportunity to appreciate their presence in your life. Listed below are some of the ideas that can make this day more special for your grandparents and for you:

1)      Find a special gift for them
Though it can be difficult to find a suitable gift for those, who are around 50 years older than you, but that’s the purpose of this day- bridging the generation gap. Try to find out about their choices and interests and you would surely be able to finalize a wonderful gift for them. If you are looking for discounts on the perfect gift for your grandparent then visit frugaa website today!

2)      Spend entire day with them
The day belongs to your grandparents and must be celebrated with good spirit. Other engagements in your life can wait. Enjoy a hearty meal with your grandparents and do what they love doing. Spend entire day without criticizing or condemning the things. Just be around and talk to them as much as you can. They just need your company and that would make their day special!

3)      Get to know about their life
Talk about old things, their childhood memories, student days, first love, the other incidents that they still cherish. What was the most exciting moment of their life? In case they don’t want to discuss something, don’t pressurize. It can be a great idea to look through old pictures together.

4)      Share your dreams
Tell them how you are planning your life in days to come. What are your objectives? They might come up with interesting ideas or experiences that might help you later in your life.

5)      Tell them that you would love them-always
The day belongs to your grandparents and don’t forget to tell them that you love them with all your heart and will always need their love. There can be no better gift than your love for your grandparents!

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