Tuesday September 2

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Well, here I am again, at the computer after 11 pm- while Gerry and Jakey are fast asleep.But I did want to share some news before I went off to bed. This week Gerry will be heading to Saskatoon to pick up our RV and trade off this other one. We had thought we had a sale for this one we have now, which would have been nice, but the people that looked at it never did come back around. Would have given us more money to put towards the newer one. Now, we'll only be getting about $15,000 on this one on a trade. The sale would have brought us $22,000. We just can't seem to sell it and tried all Spring and Summer.

Gerry will go to Saskatoon, do the paperwork, and come back. We'll load it up and head out preferably on the weekend, going to Jasper, Alberta, for about a week. With this RV, we have bought a used dolly as well for $1200 and will be able to take my car. Last trip out to Montana we found it a bit difficult to get around with the RV in alot of things we passed up on. This will allow us to park and just take the car where we need to go. Will be so much easier we think.

So do watch for our upcoming posts on Jasper, Alberta!


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