Day 1 and 2- Our Trip To Jasper

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stopped for the evening in The Battlefords, Sask..
Day 1 we left home at 6 pm. Gerry had to work till 5, then we grabbed something to eat and a quick check of our place and off we went. Arrived Saskatoon, Sask., yesterday evening at 12:30 pm, and just "camped out" in the Walmart parking lot. But never had the generator on and it got cold last night. At 7 am Gerry turned the generator on and had to put a big quilt on the bed.

Day 2- Saskatoon. Even though it got quite cold last night, it was 25 degrees by 3 pm today.
We left Saskatoon at 4:30, after doing some city errands, and as well we had to take the RV in to the dealer's . Still on warranty, we  got a new awning in and some shocks ordered.

Drove on to The Battlefords, arrived at 7 pm and staying at a nice spot called the Eiling Kramer Campground.( $30 for electrical site plus paid another $5 for Wi-Fi since I am having troubles with my Bell turbo stick - and have another on order).

It's 9 pm now and although I love the heat, it was nice to have it cool off for the day. The RV does get warm! Ideally when RVing you don't want it to be too hot.

Took  a few pictures today when we arrived in North Battleford.

The buffalo sculpture is actually made out of barb wire.

And tomorrow is another day!


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